722.9 Transmission  Renew Service
722.9 Transmission Renew Service

722.9 Transmission Renew Service

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This  Service is for Mercedes  722.9 ,7 Speed Transmission Plate Renew Service .
Mercedes Vehicles with 7 speed Transmission has Immobilizer and if you install used transmission or used valve body or used conductor plate, vehicle will not shift in gears and may not move at all.
With this Service we will renew TCU and it will be in  New State , After we Renew TCU ,  programing with Start Diagnostic will be enabled.
When Customer Receive it back  form us it will need to do Coding/Adaptation/Learning with Star Diagnostic. We do not provide Programing to vehicle, ONLY Reset to New state and enable for programing.

Customer need to supplied Transmission Plate located on Valve body , plate has to be remove , drain very good from oil and ship to us.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE SHIPPING LABEL when you ship items to Us, customer has to do this on his own.

SHIPPING COST that you pay with this service is your return shipping service.

If you have any questions  PLEASE contact us for assistance.