Audi VW Immobilizer SKC-PIN Read
Audi VW Immobilizer SKC-PIN Read

Audi VW Immobilizer SKC-PIN Read

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Audi / VW Immobilizer SKC-Pin  read  Service .
You will need Pin for adapting  the immobilizer , Instrument Cluster or Engine ECU, and  adapting/programming keys to your immobilizer system. Applies to vehicles made after 2000's  with Immobilizer 2 , Immobilizer 3 and some Immobilizer 4 system. 

When we provide Pin you will need Ross-Tech VCDS/Vag-Com diagnostic interface to be able to finish job.
Does not apply to most vehicles made after 2005 ,and vehicles with Immobilizer 4+ and Immobilizer 5 systems.
There is some vehicles in immobilizer 4 where Pin will work for some programing .We suggest to contact us if you not sure what generation of immobilizer you have.

If you replacing ECU or Cluster you will need to send both ,original and replacement parts. If you doing  keys , only send need original cluster or ECU. This is Only for module  that are working on car  and can access it with scan tool  , if you have dead module you need to contact us. 

WE DO NOT PROVIDE SHIPPING LABEL when you ship items to Us, customer has to do this on his own.

SHIPPING COST that you pay with this service is your return shipping service.

If you are not sure what system  you have PLEASE contact us for assistance.