DQ250 and 381  Programing  Service
DQ250 and 381 Programing Service

DQ250 and 381 Programing Service

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DQ381  Programing  Service , It covers most  VW or AUDI vehicles made from 2015 and up with DQ250 and DQ381 Transmission.
With our  Programing  Service TCU  will be plug and play .
On most New VW-AUDI cars now Transmission has Immobilizer and if you install used transmission vehicle will not shift in gears and may not move at all , with our service we can remove Immobilizer and have it work with used transmission.

This is Service ONLY , Customer need to ship Original and Donor /NEW TCU -Transmission Module or whole Mechatronic unit to us.
TCU is mounted on Mechatronic unit and if you decide to send only TCU it needs to be removed from it .

When you sending TCU Module or Whole Mechatronic unit , They has to be drain completely from transmission oil and needs to be pack very good in some heavy duty plastic bag with good amount of bubble wrap. TCU or Mechatronic unit are very fragile and needs to be protected very good .
We strongly recommend to send ONLY TCU from Original Unit and Donor/New Whole Mechatronic unit .
If you send both Mechatronic unit there will be additional shipping cost , shipping weight in this service is only for 1x TCU and 1x Mechatronic unit .

WE DO NOT PROVIDE SHIPPING LABEL when you ship items to Us, customer has to do this on his own.

SHIPPING COST that you pay with this service is your return shipping service.

If you have any question  PLEASE contact us for assistance.