STAGE 2 (VE_98-99 TDI)
STAGE 2 (VE_98-99 TDI)

STAGE 2 (VE_98-99 TDI)

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STAGE 2 Will increase about 20% Horse Power and Torque.It is nice and safe maximum Power for Stock engine and Stock turbo.Also will fix Hot Start on those cars, Those cars are know that will crack very long time when engine is Hot.
Stock Engine = 90hp / 155lb-ft
STAGE 2  approximately = 115hp185lb-ft

ONLY Tuning Service is provided by us.
Tuning  process requires shipping of ECU-Engine Control Unit to us.

WE DO NOT PROVIDE SHIPPING LABEL when you ship items to Us, customer has to do this on his own.

SHIPPING COST that you pay with this service is your return shipping service.

If you are not sure what ECU you have PLEASE contact us for assistance.